The Distributed Computer

A Supercomputer At Everyone's Fingertips

Unleashing technological and scientific breakthroughs by making massive computing power abundant and accessible

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The Challenge:
For Today's Big Ideas, The Cloud Isn't Enough

Computing is the backbone of modern research and innovation. However, many scientists, developers, and entrepreneurs are left without access to sufficient & affordable computing resources, causing a significant strain on the pace of discovery and innovation.


The exponential rise in data and connected devices, combined with the growth of fields like AI and IoT create an insatiable demand for computing.


Researchers are competing for limited resources. In Canada, researchers were only able to obtain 40% of requested computing resources in 2019.


Most resources that exist are expensive, centralized, and complex to use, so fewer would-be innovators can launch and improve their idea.

Meanwhile, millions of devices (including the computer you are reading this on) are sitting idle and could be put to work to solve the world's most pressing issues.

Our Solution:
A Cross-Platform, Global Computing Network

The Distributed Computer is a powerful framework for parallel computing projects, powered by common web technology and thousands of idle devices. It completely hides the complexity of coding for different hardware and software environments.

Besides using it, anyone can supply the Distributed Computer at the click of a button and be compensated - just like a smart electrical grid. From CPUs in a group of laptops to data centre GPUs, there has never been more possibility to accelerate compute-enabled research, innovation, and discovery.

Familiar machines, new potential

Has the power to turn a university or high school lab's desktop fleet into a local supercomputer.

Low Code, No Install

Anyone, anywhere is just a few lines of code from starting with a supercomputer - no experience required.

For Researchers & Devs

Built and tested at Canada's top universities with the goal of powering scientific projects that require massive computing power.


From a Raspberry Pi to entire data centres, all devices join at the click of a button.

Built with JavaScript

The programming language with the world's largest and youngest community, JavaScript allows the same code to run everywhere.

Researchers Are Using the Distributed Compute Protocol

About Us:
Distributed Compute Labs

Distributed Compute Labs is a Canadian educational non-profit. We are on a mission to accelerate science, discovery, and education by giving innovators the tools they need. We are the creators of the Distributed Computer and are looking to bring powerful applications to life that advance discovery and creativity for the betterment of all humankind.

  • Ensure that discovery and innovation are open, accessible and inclusive to all.
  • Support researchers by fulfilling the unmet need for computing resources, enabling scientific and technological breakthroughs.
  • Equip the next generation of innovators and youth with the resources, tools and skills to play an active part in Canada's innovation ecosystem.
  • Increase the long term capacity of Canada's national digital infrastructure.

Our Programs

We are now accepting the first group of developers to experiment with the beta release of DCP. Join the First Developers program to be first with your own personal supercomputer, before the full platform is released.

We partner with individuals and groups pursuing cutting-edge research, filling a growing support gap in Canada. Researchers in fields such as life sciences, finance, AI, and many more can use DCP to explore their problem space and engage their communities.

We partner and support student-run organizations and educational nonprofits to power education in AI, coding, big data, and computational thinking to youth of all ages. Some examples of these programs are hackathons, challenges, workshops, and more.

We partner with public universities, high schools, and institutions to deploy DCP networks on campus. Putting existing IT capital to work, increasing R&D capacity, and empowering researchers, students, and faculty with a powerful tool to deploy projects, learn, and experiment with.

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Possible With Your Support

Do you have a scientific project that requires massive computing? Are you an organizer of a student developer group or hackathon? Would you like to bring the Distributed Computer to your school or campus? Are you looking to sponsor a school or university in your community to get a cutting-edge computational network? Any other ideas, or just want to say hello?

We'd love to hear from you!

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